New Zealand new-folk luminary Amiria Grenell released her third album in 2015 through her own label Quiet Bird Records. The stunning album ‘Autumn’ departs from her second album, the Tui Award winning album ‘Three Feathers’, delving at times into quieter territory.

Hailing from a large musical family (her father is country legend, John Grenell), she has spent
the past few years performing extensively around the country, a regular at arts festivals, and as a member of the Fly My Pretties cast. Recently, she relocated back to Lyttelton’s vibrant harbour, closer to the family, friends and loves who flicker through this new collection of songs.

The recording of Autumn took place in the Wairarapa at the studio of Trinity Roots musician Warren Maxwell, where Amiria teamed up with her drummer brother, Redford Grenell and bass player Johnny Lawrence. Amiria’s brother Oakley Grenell also played a big part in this album, adding guitar magic and helping with the producing and mixing. The rest of the recording took place at Wellingtons Blue Barn Studio under the guidance of James Duncan – where they’ve intertwined piano accordion, intricate brass sections, strings, flute and floating harmonies through the thirteen songs, with some stripped to bare-bones like the delicate honest sea salt.